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Troitsky Bridge Building Competition - 2022

Friday, February 25th, 2022 to Monday, February 28th, 2022


The Engineering and Computer Science Association of Concordia University is proud to present its 38th annual Bridge Building Competition.

Held annually since 1984, the Troitsky Bridge Building Competition is a competitive event held at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Open to all bachelor’s in engineering students, the competition consists of designing and building a model bridge out of ONLY popsicle sticks, toothpicks, white glue and dental floss. Participating teams of engineering students come from universities across Canada and the United States.

Today, the competition is the largest model bridge building competition on a university level in Canada. Spanning three days, the competition includes an assembly period, presentations in front of a judging panel of industry professionals, networking events and a closing ceremony. What started as a class project proposed by Dr. Michael S. Troitsky of Sir George Williams University (later Concordia University), turned into a large-scale competition with over 200 participating students every year.


Due to COVID-19, the Troitsky 2022 executive team has made the decision to carry out the competition remotely. The team is motivated to create a fun competition environment full of networking, learning and Troitsky Spirit!
This year, we will be collaborating with industry corporate sponsors to host skill-based workshops, networking cocktails and panel discussions. The competitors will have to come up with design deliverables using industry-level software (AutoCAD, Civil 3D and Solidworks) in a limited amount of time. The competition will be action-packed and each team will need spirit, teamwork and strong design skills to come out on top!

Networking offers essential insight into the methods you can use to prepare for your future as a professional. Troitsky 2022 is a great opportunity to meet interesting people and expand your social circle.

The SWAG will specifically be shipped to the coaches of each team in Troitsky 2022, then it will be the responsibility of the coaches to distribute the SWAG to the rest of their team.

Alongside of that, the awards will be given at the end of Troitsky 2022, which will be for 1st place 2500CAD, 2nd place 1500CAD and 3rd place 1000CAD.


Less than 2 months until the competition starts! Here is an insight into the logistics of this year’s competition. We have everything covered from social events to workshops and after-parties! 



Access the official Troitsky 2022 competition rulebook below:

2022 Rulebook