The Judges

Mr. Riccardo Gioia

Riccardo Gioia is an expert in the field of structural engineering. After obtaining his license to practice carpentry, he obtained his B. Eng. from Concordia University and pursued his passion in the field of structural design. His understanding of structural systems and construction processes is what sets him apart from the others.

Mr. Andrew Sivilla

Mr. Andrew Sivilla is an expert in the field of structural engineering. Having completed his B. Eng. in 2009 he has worked on many large scale structures from conception to completion. His understanding of structural systems and passion for the field of structural engineering is what makes him one of the best in his field.

Mr. Derek Propetto

Mr. Derek Propetto completed his political science degree at Concordia in 2009. Having built extensive pieces of furniture in wood he has become an expert in the field of fine carpentry and joining. His passion comes from many years of watching his father fabricate wooden furniture and delicate pieces from exotic woods from around the world. His attention to detail is quite impressive – keeping in mind that precision is useless without complexity.

 Mr. Georges Clermont

Mr. Georges Clermont has graduated from École Polytechnique de Montréal in 1987 with a degree in civil engineering. Infrastructure was one of his favorite subjects and in 1987 he got the opportunity of a lifetime joining the team which worked on the Olympic Stadium’s compression ring. In 1992 he decided to pursue a different career and became a renowned chef and now he works for TD Bank Group as a translation services manager. Even though not working as a civil engineer, he still has a passion for engineering and has a keen sense of aesthetics.

Dr. Hassan

Dr. Hassan is a structural engineer. He worked in many projects in the industry and he teaches almost all of the structural courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. Dr. Hassan is very interested in the analysis and design of infrastructure